Anti Drop Anti Mist light conversion PO film


Anti Drop Anti Mist light conversion PO film

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Light conversion PO film summary:

Through the use of light conversion PO film, crops can obtain additional useful infrared light, which not only helps the growth of crops and increases the temperature in the greenhouse.

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Light conversion PO film characteristic:

1) High temperature benefit: the light intensity, light transmittance and photosynthesis benefit of the light conversion PO are significantly greater than those of the ordinary film.

2) Yield increase benefit: the experiment shows that the light conversion PO film can increase production by about 30%.

3) Disease resistance benefit: the light conversion PO film reduces the transmission rate of ultraviolet rays, and the air-borne diseases of plants in the greenhouse are reduced by more than 50%.

4) Quality benefit: the light conversion PO film increases the big fruit rate, and the sugar content and vitamin C content are higher than the ordinary PO film.

5) Anti aging benefits: light conversion PO film reduces the passing of ultraviolet rays, and enhances the anti-aging benefits of agricultural film.

6) Heat preservation benefit in overcast days: the light conversion PO can convert the ultraviolet light in overcast days into red orange light and blue orange light, so as to ensure the continuous growth of plants in overcast days.

Light conversion PO film Specifications :

Thickness: 0.01-0.20 mm
Width:  1-22 m
Color: Light blue, White

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