Market development of China’s high purity alumina industry in 2021


Market development of China’s high purity alumina industry in 2021

According to the Research Report on research and investment prospects of China’s high purity alumina industry (2021 Edition) released by Limu information consulting, high purity alumina has the advantages of high hardness, high strength and high temperature resistance, and is widely used in electronics, semiconductor and other industries. High purity alumina is mainly used to make ceramic substrates for integrated circuits and automotive sensors. It is one of the most used materials.

In China,the nominal capacity of many domestic enterprises producing high-purity alumina is in the order of thousands of tons. In fact, most of them are concentrated in low-end markets such as phosphors. However, the purity of some domestic enterprises has reached above 4n5, and there is no gap with foreign leading enterprises in terms of purity. The application in the direction of sapphire substrate can realize import substitution. However, in terms of particle size, foreign enterprises can achieve below 30nm (nm), and most domestic enterprises still have a certain gap. Therefore, at present, alumina for lithium battery diaphragm is mainly provided by Sumitomo chemical and other foreign manufacturers.

In the sapphire application field, domestic high-purity alumina production enterprises have obvious cost performance advantages and are closer to customers geographically, which will undoubtedly have great advantages. At the same time, in the field of high-end high-purity alumina, with the continuous progress of domestic enterprises’ technology, domestic enterprises with leading technology and high cost performance will quickly realize import substitution, And enter the international market to export high-purity alumina.

Due to the monopoly of high-end imports and saturation of low-end in the domestic high-purity alumina market, it will be a development trend for high-purity alumina to replace imports and meet the demand of the domestic market.

The development of high purity alumina industry in China is relatively late and is still in its infancy. At present, the main production process is improved Bayer process. At this stage, domestic products are mainly 4N alumina, and there are few domestic enterprises that can produce 5N products. In 2019, the output of China’s high-purity alumina industry was 7600 tons, the demand was 15700 tons, and the net import reached 8100 tons. In 2020, the output of China’s high-purity alumina industry was 8280 tons, the demand was 17035 tons, and the net import reached 8750 tons.

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Post time: Oct-12-2021